EDI Development and Clearinghouse

  • Increase claim adjudication rates with Claimsubmit compliance checking; customized to each payer system
  • Flat rate transaction cost structure
  • Online reporting
  • 275 transaction handling for paperwork, medical records, and attachments
  • Web service integration with existing platforms
  • Data conversion and transaction handling
  • Secure and compliant
  • Trading partner management
  • Handle all HIPAA x12 transaction sets (batch and real time)
  • Application development and hosting
  • Troubleshoot existing processes
  • EDI best practices consulting

Imaging Services and OCR

  • Enrollment form conversion to 834 transaction sets
  • CMS 1500/UB04 paper conversion to 837 transaction sets
  • 275 paperwork processing and image handling and routing
  • Image only, storage, and retrieval

End to End Claim Adjudication & Auditing

  • Post claim adjudication auditing and encounter correction
  • Adjudicate claims in a mirrored environment for auditing and metrics
  • Pre submission claim editing and scrubbing
  • CMS compliance and SLA guarantees
  • Legacy system integration and Basic programming services; immediately reduce manual claim processing time and costs
  • Medicare fee schedule pricing tools

Complete Mail Room Services

  • Go Digital. Turn your operation into a completely paperless environment
  • Easily track and route EDI/paper claims, medical records, trip tickets, other attachments, enrollment forms electronically within your organization and third parties
  • Claim checkout and inventory management application
  • Access image data through your existing payer and CMS software and systems

Legacy System Integration & Programming

  • Avidity provides a number of programming options to increase legacy system auto adjudication rates without investing in new claims software
  • Mainframe front end data management
  • Medicare fee schedule pricing tools and integration

Our Case Studies